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veyo movie night

Bring the family to the canyon to watch a movie in the pool on a 20-foot wide by 12-foot tall movie screen!

Enjoy float seating on large inner tubes, or sit in a lounger next to the pool.

Come a little early to take advantage of the Movie Meal Deal for just $9.50 ($16.95 Value). Includes the following:

1 Classic Pronto Pup
French Fries
1 Small Drink
1 Ice Cream Cone

Premium Poolside Seating ($12.50): Sit on the front row, right next to the pool, on a pool lounger
Premium Float Seating ($12.50): large inner tube for seating on the water right in front of the movie screen
General Admission($9.50): Seating in upright chairs, located behind Premium Poolside seating.

More Information
Saturday September 3, 2022
8:15 PM - 10:15 PM
Veyo Pool & Crawdad Canyon 287 East Veyo Resort Road Veyo,
Veyo Pool & Crawdad Canyon (435) 574-2300