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On a remote island in 2015, a theme park exists where spectators watch dinosaurs — animals previously extinct for eons — run wild, free to roam the grounds, and eat up everything (except their human visitors) in sight. There are T-rexes, velociraptors, triceratops, and more, even including a hybrid dinosaur built by the park’s scientists to wow fans.

It all sounds like the stuff of fantasy, or more accurately, the plot of a famous film franchise, right? Actually, not quite — although not possible just yet, the crazy events of Jurassic World could happen — someday.
Join Jerry Harris as he walks viewers through Jurassic World becoming a reality.

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Tuesday March 21, 2023
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Center for the Arts at Kayenta 881 Coyote Gulch Ct.
Center for the Arts at Kayenta 435-674-2787