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silver reef museum geologic hazards

To a geologist, the area in and around the City of St. George can be considered a geological wonderland. There are numerous rock formations and other geologic features exposed in this area and they provide well-exposed evidence for about 270 million years of geologic history. The forces that have produced this wealth of features also have a downside, at least for humans living in the area. Numerous geologic hazards await unwary builders and buyers. These hazards include floods, landslides, rock falls, and unstable sediments such as blue clay, The potential also exists for earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. All of these have occurred in the recent historic past and are highly likely to occur in the future. The presentation will discuss and illustrate these hazards and suggest ways to avoid being a victim.

Reservations suggested: or call (435) 879-2254

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Saturday August 28, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Silver Reef Museum / Ghost Town 1903 Wells Fargo Rd Leeds,
UT 84746
Silver Reef Museum (435) 879-2254