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Everyone is welcome. Bring your firearm(s), at least two magazines for each firearm, plenty of ammo, and have fun!

2 falling plate racks with six 6,  8″ plates on each rack. You will shoot centerfire pistols on these racks – No Rifles or magnum caliber pistols can be used in this match.

There is also a set of 4″ plates with two rows of 6 plates on the rack, for rimfire (.22 or .17)

You will shoot three stings of fire on either the rimfire or centerfire set of plates. Your total score will be the sum of the time required to complete these three strings of fire.

Remember, hearing and eye protection is mandatory.

Come directly to Bay 1 at the range.  Please bring cash or checks, as credit cards cannot be processed on Bay 1 at this time.

More Information
Saturday February 29, 2020
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Red Cliffs Rifle and Pistol Range 5850 W 1800 S St #1,
Hurricane, UT 84737
Red Cliffs Rifle and Pistol Range (435) 705-4559