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Selfie of female artist sitting in front of artwork

It is an honor to feature Chloe Duncan at the DiFiore Center for Arts.

Chloe Duncan:
I have been creating beautiful, whimsicle pieces for almost a decade. I started drawing purely with pen and ink pot, slowly adding watercolour washes as my work progressed.
Having grown up in Scotland, I have strong ties to forest animals, trees and the raw beauty of nature. Art to me, should envoke a calm, tranquil feeling and momentarily take you to another place.
I love showing the knarled, non-uniformed beauty that is mother nature, through my artwork. Very early in my art career I was represented by a fine art gallery, going on to be featured in galleries across the US and participate in many juried, fine art shows.
I continue to gather inspiration from my current home here in the desert and incorporate all elements into my work.

More Information
Saturday November 16, 2019
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Event is FREE and open to the public
Difiore Center for the Arts 307 N. Main St.
Difiore Center (435) 673-4206