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Everyone loves shooting steel targets, in fact it’s one of the best parts of Practical Shooting matches. We at the Southern Utah Practical Shooters love all kinds of Steel Shooting, so a few years ago we created the ultimate Steel Shooting Match, the Berry’s Steel Open.
We brought a big variety of Action Steel shooting into this match. It’s set up as a three way match, with equal stages of Static Steel, Dynamic Steel, and Scramble stages. It’s an exciting format and a challenge to all shooters. With divisions available for basically any center-fire handgun and pistol caliber carbine, the market at this match is diverse in skill and interest.
20 stage all steel match combining action steel, par-time (also known as pro-am) steel, and steel challenge into one match. It’s the funnest match of the year, held at a great facility and great time of the year.

For 2019, in place of the Prize Patrol, we will have the vendors in the Berry’s Pavillion. There will be a drawing for a very awesome prize per squad, taking place at the Berry’s table. The drawing for the big prize will start promply 15min after your designated start time in the shoot schedule (“Berry’s Pavillion”). Must be present to win.

General match, with the following divisions:
Production, Carry Optics, Limited, Open, Single Stack, PCC, Open Revolver


Thu – 8:00am Staff. Meet in Office/Class Room Building

Fri – 8:00am. Report to your next stage

Sat – 8:00am
7:00am Staff that have not had Thursday briefing, meet in Office/Class Room Building

Sun -8:00am

Shoot Schedule

Stage/Bay Map

Berry’s Steel Open Rule Book – February 2018

Local SG Restaurants

Brass – you can arrange with your RO on a given stage to pick up your own brass. This may be be changed if your squad gets behind. The other brass is for the hard working ROs.

Lunch – we have Lonny Boys BBQ (very good!) on site. There will be a not be a lunch break, however you will place your order in the morning and it will be delivered to you, and you can eat after you shoot.

Lonny’s BBQ Menu

Please park in the main parking lot.

More info here:

Saturday June 10, 2023