Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Greater.

Health and Safety Procedures Regarding COVID-19

Like our government and healthcare leaders, we strongly encourage everyone to stay safe, stay healthy and stay home. It’s all part of Staying Greater. As we try to flatten the curve, we recommend still getting out to explore this beautiful place in which we live, but doing it safely. For your safety and that of others.

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Stay-at-home order

According to Intermountain Healthcare, “stay-at-home” means only going out for necessities like food and medical care. But it also means, “you can still go outside … do yard work, go on a hike, but be responsible and practice social distancing.” If you’re healthy yourself, you aren’t under strict house arrest, but smarts and consideration are necessary.

Avoid other people

In the state of Utah, Governor Herbert has said, “Do not go to or engage in activities at a state park located outside the county in which you reside.” The same should apply to any outdoor destinations at this time; stay within your county. Maintain at least six feet of space from other people, even when outside. If you come to a hiking trailhead that is nearly full, move on to a less crowded trail. You can find many lesser known trails at

Avoid high-risk activities

If an outdoor activity has a high risk of injury or will require medical staff to assist you in the event of an accident, then avoid that activity. Medical facilities are already in overdrive with COVID-19 related concerns. Choose wisely the activities in which you participate.

Staying Greater

As a tourism office, we have turned our attention away from inviting visitors to the area. Instead, we’re focusing on the residents and businesses of Greater Zion. There are ways you can stay active and be outside that are safe while also helping our local economy. Cycling is still a great way to be healthy outdoors, and many of Greater Zion’s bike shops remain open while taking health precautions. Shops may be operating curbside or by appointment, like the St. George Bicycle Collective.

Learn more about ways to Stay Greater on our website, and look for the #StayGreater hashtag on Facebook and Instagram.

Continue to be smart and cautious, but don’t rob yourself of quality time in beautiful Greater Zion. It will boost your mood and your immune system to remain active. Share your experiences with us on social media and use the hashtag #staygreater.