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St. George Art Festival

Each spring, St. George comes alive with an incredible selection of art.

As the trees and flowers bring new beauty to this desert oasis, there’s no better time for an outdoor art show. The St George Art Festival brings great food and local music, there’s even more to enjoy than the art itself.

I attended the St George Art Festival for the first time last year and was blown away not only by the quality of work available, but also by the diversity. Excellent sculptors, painters and—my personal favorite—photographers. It’s a lot of fun just to come out and window shop, but many leave with a few art pieces to add to their home or office.

As we surround ourselves with beauty, it brings us joy and peace. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see so many artists and their talented work from this area and abroad. Its an opportunity that few places are as lucky to have.

For information about upcoming dates and more visit the St. George Art Festival website.

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