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Secrets of Snow Canyon: Johnson’s Arch

Utah is known for its sandstone arches.

I recently visited one of the lesser known arches in Snow Canyon. When you get to it, you’ll notice that the arch’s proximity to the cliff wall gives it a unique look, compared to its freestanding counterparts.

The arch stretches 200 feet and is more blocky-looking than other famous arches. When you first see the arch, it resembles a bridge with its flat top and wide shape. It’s a nice, easy hike. The hike is a relatively flat hike of one mile in and one mile out. Its easy access makes it a family-friendly hike.

So what qualifies Johnson’s Arch to be on Snow Canyon’s list of secrets? It’s only open during the off-season of the state park’s traffic. To protect nesting grounds for falcons, the trail is closed except to special ranger-guided groups from March 15 to October 31. This makes it one of those secrets that hides in plain sight.

Though it may only be accessible in the off-season, there is really nothing off about planning a hike to this arch in the winter months.

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