Popular Hikes

Greater Zion is not only home to Zion National Park, it also boasts 4 State Parks , the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve and the Dixie National Forest. All of which provide numerous hiking, equestrian, mountain biking and OHV trails. Below are some of our local’s favorite hikes and where you can find them.

Zion National Park

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The Narrows

A hike that’s not to be missed! The Zion Narrows follows the Virgin River through a narrow gorge, you’ll leave the road and the trails, and walk through the water itself. As you walk in the water – anywhere from ankle to chest height, you’ll look up between walls that soar up to 2000 feet above you, and you’ll spot sandstone grottos and hanging gardens along the way.

Emerald Pools

An oasis in the dessert, Emerald Pools is a series of short trails that follow a small stream surrounded by lots of green plants and ending in several “pools.” They are typically well-trafficked, especially by those new to Zion. After passing through the Lower and Middle Emerald Pools, you can make your way up to the Upper Emerald Pools where the Trail becomes a bit more challenging. The last stretch typically hot and sandy, but you’ll end up at the base of impressive 300-foot cliffs where you’ll find a large pool and can sit and relax a bit. Look for a slight waterfall coming from the mouth of Heap’s Canyon far above you. From here, you can go back the way you came, or you can loop back to the lodge.

Angels Landing

One of the world’s most renowned hikes, Angel’s Landing is a strenuous trail, including steep and narrow segments with exposure to long drop-offs, many of which include a chain to hold onto. The hike is about 5 miles round trip through Zion’s National Park.

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Snow Canyon State Park

Petrified Dunes

The Petrified Dunes lie right in the heart of Snow Canyon State Park. These incredible once-flowing mountains of sand that are now rolling mounds of petrified Navajo Sandstone are fun for hikers of all ages. A short trail leads into the dunes. Once you reach the petrified dunes, there is no established trail; which leaves you free to wander wherever you want to go. This hike provides some of the most incredible views in the park, and is one of the most photographed places in the area! 

Johnson Canyon

Johnson Canyon Trail is a short, but exciting hike at the mouth of Snow Canyon State Park. This is a great hike for the whole family! It is an easy trail that features a lava flow field, natural spring, and a magnificent arch spanning 200 ft. near the end. As with a lot of trails in Snow Canyon State Park, there is sand so boots are recommended if you have them. 

Scout Cave

Enjoy a fun hike with the family, this is a popular place for hikers and a definite win for the kids when they get to see the inside of a huge red cave! There are a couple of ways to reach the cave. First, from the north via the Johnson Canyon trail. This trail is well marked (except for the area when you have to climb a bit to reach the caves) and it’s pretty easy to let your kids roam a little bit (always, of course, respecting wildlife and staying on the trail).

Hidden Pinyon

A local favorite northeast of St. George, the beautiful Hidden Pinyon trail will take you into the heart of Snow Canyon State Park below the Petrified Dunes and directly to the Hidden Pinyon Overlook. A short hike, it’s easy to get around and learn about the local plants and animals thanks to the markers on the trail.

Lava Flow

The Lava Flow Trail is an easy trail through black lava flows. Along the route there are several lava tubes which can be entered the path continues to an overlook with beautiful views of the whole area.

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Red Cliffs Desert Reserve


Named after the desert lizard native to the southwest, Chuckwalla is a beautiful and calming desert trail you and the family will be sure to enjoy. One of the most trafficked trails in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, and part of the Paradise Canyon Network of trails, there’s plenty to do and see here for kids, adults, and even dogs.

Red Reef Trail

This hike is the most popular hike in the Red Cliffs area. The hike roughly follows Quail Creek into Water Canyon, and typically dries up during the hotter summer months, but runs during the Spring and can be prone to flash floods, so as with any type of canyon hike, check the weather reports.

Babylon Arch

Babylon Arch trail is a very sandy trail located in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. It’s a moderately challenging hike, with a few steep sandy descents and one steep climb, but the experience and vistas are well worth the effort! You can avoid one steep climb by keeping to the West route. The hike is full of great views of rugged red cliffs, sandstone formations and green desert flora.

Elephant Arch

Elephant Arch is a beautiful arch high in the red rocks of the Red Cliffs Desert Preserve.