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Making a Great Vacation: Part 3 – Too Much Fun

A lot of places offer a good vacation. But as we have already decided, we aren’t just looking for good, we’re looking for great. Our final installment in the Making of a Great Vacation has to do with finding that vacation that actually offers too much—so many great experiences to have that you literally can’t fit them all into one trip.

Vacation Relationships

You don’t have to fall in love with a place to have the trip of a lifetime, but you should at least have a little crush on it by the end. Not every destination for travel will please every person the same way. But whatever your personal preference, you shouldn’t run out of great things to do. We by no means are suggesting that quantity trumps quality. In the perfect location, you should have an excess of both.

More is Good

When someone that loves the outdoors and all its adventures comes to Greater Zion, they soon realize there is no shortage of wild exploits. The area is no one-trick pony.

Summit on Angels Landing one day then burn down miles of trail on your mountain bike in Gooseberry Mesa the next day. Go for a hot air balloon ride in the morning and finish the day with a nice spa massage. Start your trip by exploring Pine Creek slot canyon in Zion and finish the trip by seeing “Beauty and the Beast” at Tuacahn. Variety certainly is the spice of life, and your vacation should be well-seasoned.

The ideal vacation leaves you wanting more, not feeling like you’ve done it all. It should be a place that calls your name a couple years later because you have unfinished business together. There needs to be just a hint of mystery left for you when you leave. Remember, you are in pursuit of a great vacation, not just a good one. Never settle, and never stop exploring.

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