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Learn to Mountain Bike

Why You Should Learn to Mountain Bike in St. George

If you go to Hawaii, you give surfing a try. If you go to Costa Rica, you try ziplining through the jungle. But what about when you come to St. George, Utah? The answer to that question is two fold: mountain biking and canyoneering. Today, let’s take a look at mountain biking and why you have to give it a try when staying in St. George.

Mountain biking through red rocks.

The Landscape Was Built for It

There is so much raw, empty space in the St. George area. You can see how the natural layers of the earth have twisted and buckled to cause giant ridges and jutting plateaus in every direction. It’s like Mother Earth said she wanted a jungle gym built for enjoying outdoor sports like mountain biking and decided southwest Utah was the perfect spot for it.

There are literally hundreds of miles of single-track and slick-rock trails laid out in Washington County. You can go down in rolling valleys, rip along cliff edges, and descend down the steep backside of a bluff. You can climb technical sandstone formations or cruise along gravel roads through majestic Snow Canyon State Park. There are so many options!

Smiling female mountain biker leading the pack.

The Infrastructure is Great

St. George has multiple, local bike shops that focus on renting bikes, and all the gear you need to use and haul them. What’s more, these shops are full of passionate riders who can recommend and prep you for all the best trails.

Trio of mountain bikers.

It’s a Year-Round Activity

Winter in southern Utah sees an average of 50 degrees for the high temperature, and almost never sees any snow. You will want the right clothes and gear, but the locals love to ride all winter. There really isn’t any season you can’t go mountain biking here. So no matter when you plan on visiting, it’s a good time to try out trail riding.

Mountain biking couple on desert trail.

You’ll Have a Blast

The trail systems in Washington County are diverse and plentiful. Just like surfing in Hawaii is totally new to most people, there are a lot of first-timers out here. The more experienced riders don’t typically do the same trails as those who are just starting, but when they do, they are understanding and it’s a pretty judgment-free sport. If you are smart about it and get the right gear, some helpful instruction, and the right level of trail, you’re guaranteed to have a great time and possibly fall in love with this crazy sport.

Female mountain biker at sunset.

Mountain Biking Trails

Explore local mountain biking trails across southwestern Utah.

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