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Hidden Gem: Oak Grove Campground

Camping at the Foot of Zion National Park

This questions always brings a little bit of a chuckle with it. In this age of technology and online social activity, there are very few, if any, actual hidden gems left to any area, but especially so for top tourist areas like Greater Zion. So our title is a little tongue-in-cheek. Probably a more accurate title would be, Less Trafficked Areas That are Still Amazing.”

While Oak Grove Campground may not be a secret known only by locals, it is still a breathtaking location that is well off the beaten path of the main tourist crowd. This campsite is located right at the foot of the highest point in Greater Zion. That’s right, higher than anything in Snow Canyon or even Zion National Park. The North backdrop of the site is walled in by nearly sheer cliffs towering a couple thousand feet higher than your tent.

The vegetation is much different than what you might expect for Greater Zion as well. It’s very green with lots of oak scrub bushes, mighty ponderosa pine trees, and a small stream. Along with the giant trees, there are also several challenging hiking trails that range from moderate to difficult. Come on a clear day and be prepared to get some unbelievable views.

The facilities are nice, with picnic tables at each camping site and solid bathroom structures built to make sure you aren’t roughing it too much. This is a well-maintained area, made possible by an affordable camping space fee ($15). There are eight campsites available with the largest one accommodating up to 15 people.

It’s beautiful. It’s secluded, but accessible, and it’s different from the rest of the Greater Zion area camping. Next time you are in the area, try Oak Grove Campground to see what a gem it really is.