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Hidden Gem: Gunlock State Park

A Unique, Family Friendly Day Trip to Gunlock State Park

This reservoir is far from hidden, but for some reason, it is severely underutilized. It’s a gem of a location hiding in plain sight. Gunlock State Park has the looks and the moves to impress, but still flies under the majority of Greater Zion’s visitors’ radar. That covers the hidden part, now let’s take a look at why it’s a gem.


Gunlock Reservoir is a short 20 minutes from St. George, which makes it closer than both Sand Hollow and Quail Creek. There isn’t a lot of anything but wilderness around Gunlock, but when it comes to Gunlock, that’s a positive because a day at the lake is more than enough.

Two young girls kayaking on blue mountain lake
Smiling mother and young daughters kayaking


Soft orange sand and blue water are complimenting colors and a winning combination when it comes to landscape. In the distance you have the mountains forming a truly impressive backdrop. Looks sure aren’t everything in life, but they are certainly nice, and Gunlock has some great looks.

Two young girls posing in life-jackets at lake
Girl in life-vest jumping off rocks into water

Unique features

As you reach the far shore on your open kayaks, you’ll feel like a kid again. That genuine sense of exploration and discovery is great. If you park your kayak up on a rock, there will be plenty of room to climb around. If you bring along any kids, they’ll love exploring the little holes and caves within the rock. It’s almost like a pirate’s hideout. These rocks offer more than just discovery and climbing—they are made for some exhilarating cliff jumping as well.

Of all the wild and fun adventures you’ll have this summer, this one is guaranteed to rank up there as one of the best. So when it starts to warm up this summer, don’t hide away indoors, take our advice and give Gunlock Reservoir a chance.