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Get Better at Swinging Without a Golf Range

Improve Your Golf Swing in Greater Zion

With a variety of breathtaking courses and scenery that will make it difficult to keep your eye on the ball, Greater Zion is a golfers paradise. Which means we’d like to help make your experience as enjoyable as possible, and it’s always more fun when you golf a good game. So here is another Greater Zion golf tip that will help you become the best golfer in your group.

You’ve probably been told over and over again that you need to “Practice at the range” to get a better swing It’s not that the statement isn’t true. Sure, you can get really good at swinging if you have time to hit the range everyday. Unfortunately for us normal people with day jobs who aren’t on a golf tour, we just don’t have the time to hit the range all the time. This doesn’t mean we don’t want to improve our game though. So how can you become a better golfer without getting in trouble for spending too much time at the range?

Male golfer in midswing in front of small pond.

According to Hank Haney, a professional golf instructor best known for coaching Tiger Woods and two-time major championship winner Mark O’Meara, if you do 100 practice swings a day without a ball, just that alone will help improve your swing. Why? Well it’s helping to build several things in the process:

  • Toughening your hands
  • Increase strength
  • Repetitive motion increases mobility
  • Learning about where your motion takes your club and correcting any errors
  • Making yourself coachable for lessons so that you improve in the future
Couple on green surrounded by black lava rocks.
Entrada Golf Course

You probably aren’t going to become a professional and reach Tiger Wood’s level by taking 100 practice swings in your backyard everyday, but it’ll surely help to improve your game at least a little bit by putting in some effort each day. And all of that extra practice will pay off on your next visit to Greater Zion when you outperform your golf companions on our world-class courses. For more information on golfing in Greater Zion and to start planning your next outting, click here.