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ATV and Zip Line Fun

Hungry for Adventure

It’s as real to me as craving pizza or a nap: some mornings I wake up and just know I need a new adventure. Lucky for me, Greater Zion is a great place to satisfy that urge. Recently, I was privileged to experience two new adventures in one day, thanks to the partnership of a couple area outfitters.

ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours and Paragon Adventures team up to make one super adventure: an ATV ride out to a zip line! Riding ATVs is something I’m familiar with and had a little experience in, but we’re talking maybe three brief times. As for zip lining, I’d never had the privilege, but it’s been on my list for a while.

Four Wheeler on an Orange Ocean

Four wheelers and razors are not my normal thing; I’m honestly more comfortable bombing a hill at 40 mph on my road bike than I am going 30 mph on a quad. But that being said, I still had an amazing time!

A real plus for me was that the guides were very understanding of my skill level and took the time to familiarize me with the equipment. We started out slow until I was more comfortable.

We left right from the storefront of ATV Tours, and within a couple miles, we were on dirt trails that soon gave way to a sea of orange sand. As I crested the first orange hill, the views blew me away. The bright orange and bursting blue sky were amazing, as I was flying along with a grin on my face.

Man on ATV being followed by an OHV

Zip Line Between Canyon Walls

We pulled up on the high side of a canyon on BLM land and met up with Paragon Adventures there. They had already set up the zip line and done their test runs by the time we arrived. From there, it was a smooth transition from the quads and razors to harnesses and climbing helmets.

The look of anticipation on some people’s faces as we waited was great. After a quick instruction on where to hold, they told me to just walk down this slope before the cliff until I couldn’t touch and then sit down. With that, I was off. For me it was more thrilling than scary, and once all the fear faded away, it felt really comfortable and natural to glide along the rope.

As we arrived back at ATV Tours, all I could think was this was one heck of a way to spend a day. I stepped outside my comfort zone a little bit and I loved it. The whole experience was rewarding and far from the norm for me.

There are a lot of amazing things you can do when you visit Greater Zion and this adventure ranks up there with the best activities. Whether you’re a veteran of off-roading or a first timer, you’ll be thrilled with the ride. And once you’ve done the zip line, all you’ll be able to think about is doing it again.

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